Monday, August 26, 2013

Hi! I'm Danielle

Hello people of Earth! My name is Danielle and I am wise beyond my years. I have been reading chapter books since I was seven. Nicole is always giving me new books to read and write reviews for. There is never a moment in my life when I'm not reading or writing. I am currently writing a science fiction/action adventure novel. I hope that one day I could have a review of my novel on the blog. I'm not one to go out of my comfort zones often, but when I do I always love what I read. I enjoy reading fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, thriller, young adult, and action-adventure. I want to start reading more mystery and paranormal romance novels. I am open to suggestions in every genre. I am always open to comments on my posts, so my reviews in the future could be better than the ones before it.


  1. She's been reading since she was seven? She is just my dream child! Ask your mom if we can switch!

    1. I don't think my mom would be too happy. ;)



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