Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Author: Jonathan Friesen
Goodreads Rating: 3.43
Pages: 303
Format: ARC from ALA13

Only he can bring what they need to survive...
In 2250, water is scarce, and those who control it control everything. And they’ll do anything to maintain their power – deceiving, dividing families, banning love... even killing those who oppose them.
But above all, they seek to control knowledge and communication – ensuring the truth that will bring their downfall will never be known. But one person verges on discovering it all.
Sixteen-year-old Luca becomes the Deliverer, the only one allowed to contact the people called ‘Water Rats,’ who mine the essential water deep underground and bring it to the ‘Toppers’ who desperately need it above. 
But when he meets a Water Rat who captures his heart and leads him to secrets – secrets about a vast conspiracy, and about himself – the net around him tightens. Luca and those around him must uncover and share the truth needed to overthrow tyranny – even as they fight for their lives.

Wow, I did not like this book. I will admit that going into this book I wasn't aware that this was a pubbed by a religious publisher, but I also read Doon by the same publisher and didn't dislike it as much as I did this one. There is a difference between a religious book and an overly religious one that beats you over the head with it which this one did.

I really thought the concept of this book was going to be interesting, but in the end the follow through was a mess. Luca was this privileged pain in the ass through the entire book. Not only that but while he was supposed to be the prophet and savior, he was so selfish believing that everyone should do things for him. There were a few times that he did try to do something good, but it hardly seemed like his motive to do those things were all his own.

This book really beat you over the head with the religious tones. Not just that, but there was instalove out the ass and ugh. Its actually hard to talk about the problems that were in this book. I also hated the totally misogynistic view that this book took towards women. When we were finally introduced to a love interest, she had to listen to everything that he said, and she was hardly entitled to her opinion, and she was so dumb.

All in all, this book was an aggravating waste of time, and I wish I had paid better attention to who the publisher was. I will admit that this book is one that was just not for me, but could do it for someone else.
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