Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top 10 Wishes for the Book Genie

(Brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish)

This week on Top 10 Tuesday, we are discussing the top 10 wishes we would like granted from the Book Genie :) In no particular order, here are my Top 10 Wishes!

1) Meet Marissa Meyer
I sadly did not win the writing contest she held recently where winners would get to go meet her at her release party for Winter on November 10 and receive a signed copy. So this wish sadly remains on my list. She still remains one of my favorite authors of all time (and I guess I could also include in this wish, to know what she thought of my fanfic ^.^)
2)  Be able to read super-fast and remember everything
So this may be a weirdly written wish, but I think it's something every book fanatic with a plethora of unread books and not enough time to read, wishes for. I would wish for some way to be able to finish a book in like 30 minutes but remember everything detail of the book. Just think of the possibilities!! Being able to read multiple books a day while also not neglecting my job :)

3) Book boyfriend, come to life
Like many readers, it is hard to pick just one Book Boyfriend, that's why I have failed to give a specific name. I love Rowan from Heir of Fire for his loyalty, Sage from The False Prince for his wit and sarcasm, the male superheroes from any superhero comic (priority to Nightwing, Aqualad and Flash/Kid Flash) because we all need some superheroes in our lives, pretty much every male character from The Lunar Chronicles just because they are amazing their own way, and also every male protagonist from The Black Dagger Brotherhood because... well who doesn't want to meet a sexy, protective vampire (who doesn't sparkle). 
4) Bad-ass Heroine, come to life
I can't just focus on the awesome possible book boyfriends. There are some really awesome heroines I would love to meet. Celaena from Throne of Glass, Charley Davidson from The Charley Davidson series, any female protagonist from The Lunar Chronicles because they are just as awesome as their male counterparts, and any female superhero (priority to Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Supergirl, and Wonder girl) because again... who doesn't want some superheroes in their lives. 

5) Ability to jump into a book
I think this is also something every avid reader wants to do at one point; I want to be able to just jump into any book world and become part of the story. Whether it's to meet the characters or just to see how you would survive, I'd love to be able to put myself into the story!

6) Own a super popular book store
One of my dream jobs is to own and run a popular book store :) Spending my whole day surrounded by books and people who love books would be absolutely perfect!

7) The perfect reading nook
In addition to a perfect house, I would like the perfect reading nook! This would include massive amounts of books shelves for all my books, and a super comfy area for reading. This area would have both places to lay down as well as sit. I would also like surround sound capabilities for audiobooks and playing my instrumental music while I read (if you ever read with instrumental music playing and the music matches the mood of the book... it's like a theater in your mind!!) 

8) Flawlessly write an amazing book
I've been working on my own novel since high school, with another novel I started in college. With my job, I don't have as much time to spend writing and editing as I would like. So I'd definitely ask the Book Genie to help me finish my books and make them the best to my ability :) That's not to say make them the best period, though that would be nice. I would just like to finish them and be proud of them :-D

9) Pause the world and read
This kind of goes with my #2, and if I can't read super fast, I would like to be able to pause the world whenever I get stressed or just feel the need (especially during those late night where I have school the next day but NEED to finish the book I'm reading). 

10) Teen Titans comics all in one collection
When I was first trying to figure out where to start with the Teen Titans comics, I had to research for a long time where to start and what the order should be. To make life easier, I would love all the Teen Titans comics in a volume collection, in correct reading order, starting from the 1980's The New Teen Titans and going through to The New 52. 

Tell me.... What would be your top wish?? Comment or post a link in the comments!!

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