Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Assassin Novella's

Rather than follow my usual template for a post, I'm going to talk a little about each story that Sarah J Maas has written. There were four Assassin Novella's that detailed Celaena's live before she was shipped off the the salt mines where Celaena is at the start of Throne of Glass. Since Throne of Glass hit stores today I figured what better day to tell you about the prequels.

Novella 1: The Assassin and the Pirate Lord.

This Novella introduces you to Celaena and Sam, two assassins that work for the pirate guild. I liked how much information that we were given in this story. That Celaena covers her face so no one knows what she looks like. I loved the dynamic between Sam and Celaena, their banter back and forth was really fun. I loved getting to know Celaena and knowing what she was really like. I loved that even though she was an assassin, that she had a conscience and she cared about other people.

Novella 2: The Assassin and the Desert

Another Novella that I loved. (Spoiler Alert, I loved all of them). Once again you get an inside look into Celaena and her world, not just what life is like for her, but also what this world Maas has built is like. I loved that Celaena made a friend and seemed to bond with other people. I will admit that I made a mistake and read this book third, so I knew a lot of what was coming, but I like to believe that had I read it first, I would have been surprised by the little quirks that were mentioned in Novella 3.

Novella 3: The Assassin and the Underworld

So whoops, I read this book before I read Novella Two, but I think it gives me a unique perspective because I can tell you that Maas does a great job making you feel like you didn't actually miss a novella. I loved that all of the Novella's were related in one way or another (although I won't tell you how!!!). This novella had me cringing at some points (good reasons) because I related to Celaena and what she went through in this novella.

Novella 4: The Assassin and the Empire

I decided that I wanted to read all of the novella's before I read Throne of Glass even though I already had my copy. I waited patiently to read this novella and cry, and I am glad that I read it. This was the way that the novel was intended to be enjoyed with these novella's first, and I reveled in the idea of getting to read all about Celaena before she went off the the salt mines which no doubt changed her. This one was beyond my favorite of the four.

So if you're waiting to get your hands on Throne of Glass, check out the novella's in the mean time. They're pretty fab.


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