Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unfed (Undead #2)

Author: Kirsty McKay
Goodreads Rating: 4.22
Pages: 288
Format: ARC from BEA13

Fresh meat! From a hospital of horrors to a runaway zombie train, it's an all-new onslaught of the slavering undead in the sequel to Kirsty McKay's killer debut!
Just when you think you're's the morning after the night of the return of the living dead. Or something like that. After running/bus-driving/snowboarding for her life alongside rebel Smitty, geeky Pete, and popular Alice, Bobby thought she'd found the antidote to the Carrot Man Veggie Juice that had turned the rest of their classmates into zombies. When Smitty (mmm...nom, nom) got chomped, Bobby pumped a syringe full of it into him herself.
But now Bobby's a prisoner in some hospital of horrors, with no clue how she got there. And Smitty is missing. What if he isn't cured after all? Bobby knows she's got to find him, even if it means facing Scotland's hungry hordes -- plus Alice's buckets of snark -- again. And this time, zombies aren't the only evil stressing her out. The brain-dead are bad enough, but how can Bobby stop the big pharma business behind the epidemic? Especially when her own mom works for the company?

I enjoyed the first book in the series and was eagerly awaiting the second book to come to America. I thought that it was this hilarious out of control Zombie joke. You can see my review of the first book here. I really loved that this book broke the norms. I liked that Bobby wasn't a stereotypical girl, that she also wasn't perfect. We start this book shortly after the last book ended, only rather than being in the throws of yet another zombie encounter, they are in a hospital.

Of course, Zombies aren't far behind as she tries to escape with both new and old friends. While the books were cute and witty, I found it a little too predictable and a little too close to Resident Evil including a scene on a boat where they think they are safe and then they aren't. I did like that the author made a reference to Resident Evil early on in the book.

I wish that there had been a little more to the relationships. We learn some about Bobby's mom and a the other characters, but there really was a lack of true development where we got to truly know them, but I guess in a zombie book, that isn't really the point.

Though it was witty and cute, it was predictable and plain outrageous at some points, but it was a fun read. Zombies are always a good time.I liked that the ending left it open for a possible third book, but at the moment, the author has indicated that there won't be another book.
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