Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Something Real Blog Tour Stop

 Author: Heather Demetrios
 Goodreads Rating: 4.29
Pages: 416
Format: ARC from Publisher

There’s nothing real about reality TV.

Seventeen-year-old Bonnie™ Baker has grown up on TV—she and her twelve siblings are the stars of one-time hit reality show Baker’s Dozen. Since the show’s cancellation and the scandal surrounding it, Bonnie™ has tried to live a normal life, under the radar and out of the spotlight. But it’s about to fall apart…because Baker’s Dozen is going back on the air. Bonnie™’s mom and the show’s producers won’t let her quit and soon the life she has so carefully built for herself, with real friends (and maybe even a real boyfriend), is in danger of being destroyed by the show. Bonnie™ needs to do something drastic if her life is ever going to be her own—even if it means being more exposed than ever before.

Reading this book really gets in your head. I'm not one of those reality TV show addicts. I'll watching the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and Vanderpump Rules and some of those competition shows, but I do not like any of the shows with the kids like Jon and Kate Plus Eight or Honey Boo Boo. I hold nothing against people that do, I just had no interest. I can see that this book gets some inspiration from Jon and Kate, but I don't know much about the show other than what I just read on Wikipedia.

Anyway, back to this book. I really loved it in a "Wow I need to know more immediately" way. I was bummed when I had to stop reading to go to work because I wanted to know how Chloe was going to make everything work. I was irritated by the constant TM next to everyone's names, but in the end, it made sense because they all were a trademark. I felt badly for Chloe as she struggles to discover who she is now that the show and her trademark name have come back to haunt her.

I loved the character's in this book and the one's I didn't love, I loved to hate. Where should I start? Patrick our love interest who I spent the entire book waiting for him to betray her only to discover he had good (abet dirty) intentions with Chloe. Then there is big brother Benny who, no matter what has Chloe's back. Then there were the characters you loved to hate, like Chloe's mom who seemed to never really understand her daughter and who clearly bit off more than she could chew by raising 13 children. (Besides me thinking that she's batshit crazy, SHE'S BATSHIT CRAZY! 13 children? Clearly her head needs to be checked.)

I couldn't stop reading this book. I needed to know how Chloe was going to find her voice and be who she needed to be. There are so many struggles that we see her and her family go through, that you can't help but feel everything that she does. I want so much more now that I've finished that I cannot wait to get my hands on whatever Demetrios writes next. Whatever that may be.
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