Saturday, May 19, 2012

Five Months

For a new follower/ reader, let me tell you that today marks my blogs 5 month-aversary. Rather than celebrate the traditional 6 months, I decided to do five months because May is a very important month for me. If you've noticed, May is the month of my birthday, if you haven't then you should go check out the Giveaway tab to find out what is going on this month.

Besides it being the blogs monthaversary, its also the day that I graduated from college which is pretty scary. While I haven't been taking classes for the last semester, it wasn't official until today. It was once I finished with college classes that I decided I would start a blog about all the books that I planned on reading now that I had time to read books that didn't need to be educational. 

I wanted to use today to thank you, my precious reader, for coming back, even once a month, because you have helped me keep this going. There have been moments where I was convinced that all of my page-views came from my boyfriend and my sister. But I have come to learn that other people have read, and enjoyed my blog and so I keep on keeping on.

This month I am hosting 7 giveaways! Two have already happened, and one is currently underway, and so you can enter to win, super easy. I also wanted to let you know of some big things that are coming up. Next month, and the remainder of this month, I have 8 blog tour stops headed to Paperback Princess, and At least one more giveaway once May is over. I will also be headed to BEA which means four days of super exciting posts and new books. So please stay tuned for more chances to win and so much more exciting news headed your way.

I hope you enjoyed poking around Paperback Princess and that you'll stop by again. Tomorrow I'll be having a Showcase Sunday Post because I got a lot of cool stuff from the YAmazing Race. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Without you I wouldn't be able to say that I have 2916 page views, 76 followers, 145 twitter followers, and 59 Facebook Likes! So to quote Bon Jovi, thank you for Keeping the Faith.

<3 The Paperback Princess

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