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Hey there! My name is Nicole and I am currently a paralegal at a Real Estate Law Firm in NYC. Ever since I was a kid I've loved to read. My mother worked at a bookstore and my sister is a high school English teacher. Although we all have very different tastes in books, we still overlap sometimes and when that happens we love to share and talk about them.
I've recently started to go outside of my comfort zone as far as reading goes. I love to read all types of books, but as my blog grows, I've realized that I am more of a Young Adult reader. If you have any suggestions I'm open to them! If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment on any of my posts!

Helloooooooooo. My name is Amy and I am a college graduate who fills her free time between school work and teaching by reading. I started out hating books but thanks to reading teachers I had throughout my early childhood, by middle school you wouldn't see me without a book somewhere. One of my favorite things about reading is talking about the books I read with other people. 
I am a big fan of romance (mostly paranormal), young adult, dystopian fiction and a plethora of other random books that catch my attention. You'll catch me sometimes going outside of my comfort zone with books. But, I am widely open to suggestions! 


Hey there--I'm Brianna! I recently graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and I'm a publicity assistant at Wunderkind PR. When I'm not reading books for work, I'm a slow and steady reader of YA, literary fiction, nonfiction. I love all genres, although I'm picky about my romance and sometimes I get a little distracted by fanfiction (my one vice). 
I love talking books, recommendations, and ever growing TBR lists.

You can find me at @blrobins2 or @wunderbrianna when I'm not here.


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