Review Policy

Updated 5/30/2015

Thanks for checking out the review policy. 

I accept:

1. YA
2. Middle-grade/Picture Books
3. Literary Fiction
4. Memoir
5. Nonfiction

I don't accept:

1. Erotica
2. Religious Fiction
3. Self-Published Books

Please feel free to pitch books to brobinson2 (at) gm (dot) slc (dot) edu. Thank you!

FTC Disclaimer:

As I stated, I am not a professional book reviewer. Some of the books that I do receive are free from the publisher or goodreads, or they are purchased or they came from the library. I get no compensation for my blog at all other than the satisfaction I get from page views and followers. In any case, every review that I write I wrote because I chose to, and it is full of nothing by my unbiased honest opinion. 

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