Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pendragon: Rivers of Zadaa (Book #6)

Author: D.J. MacHale
Goodreads rating: 4.19/5
My rating: 4/5
Pages: 416

The battle continues. The struggle of good versus evil continues as Bobby Pendragon follows Saint Dane to the territory of Zadaa. Saint Dane's influence has fueled the fire of discontent between two warring tribes: the Rokador and the Batu. This is also the territory where the Traveler Loor lives as a member of the Batu. Together she and Bobby must work to thwart Saint Dane's efforts to destroy Zadaa.

But as Bobby pursues Saint Dane, he begins to notice changes in himself. He is no longer a flip kid looking for excitement. He is a young man beginning to see this quest as more than a series of adventures. He is also learning that as a Traveler, he has powers no normal human should have.

In this latest installment of Bobby Pendragon's battle to save humanity, discovery and danger go hand in hand as D. J. MacHale takes readers on an emotional thrill ride they
won't soon forget..

Like the other books in this series, this was a great book that was full of surprises. I continue loving to see how Bobby grows and matures. It's also interesting to see how Saint Dane is growing more desperate to win and how he has changed tactics. I also am kind of interested in the love interest that grows in the book. I can't say I didn't see it coming but it was interesting to see it happen.

Moving away from characters, I still love his choice of writing style, where some of the book is told in first person by Bobby during his journals and the rest is third person from Bobby's home.

What I loved most about the book is all the action and surprises that occur throughout the book. There are some parts where you can guess what is going to happen, but I don't think anyone will see the ending coming, which is always something I love; the whole "ummm WHAT?!?!" moment? Yes I love that :)

There isn't much else I can say for this book without giving things away (since I loved the surprises the most) or that I haven't already said in the other reviews for the book. Only thing I can leave you with is this continues to be a great series that I highly recommend.

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