Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rebirth (Aftertime #2)

Author: Sophie Littlefield
Goodreads Rating: 3.98
My Rating: 5/5 Stars
Pages: 379

I read the first book in this series, and I clearly loved (As I mentioned it in my top 5 series). I also love zombies and this book takes the beloved mindless creates and turns them into something new, Beaters, which are zombies that aren't as brain dead as we're used to, and I love it.

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Goodreads Synopses:

Littlefield delivers the second title in an edgy new series--the follow-up to "Aftertime." Cass Dollar has her daughter back, but is losing her man. Smoke has forgone their bond for a mission of revenge, leaving Cass in the care of Dor, leader of the survivalist stronghold The Box.

Review Afterjump:

Aren't I funny? Afterjump? Aftertime? See what I did there? Anyway, this book was great and I really enjoyed it. I did feel that when Smoke, Cass's current lover (because she never calls them boyfriends just lovers) ran off to avenge the death of his old girlfriend, Cass got sucked in with Dor, a whole new guy. Thats when I started to feel like I was watching a movie sequel where they couldn't get the hunk from the first movie to come back for the second so they threw in a new guy (ie Miss Congeniality 2 where Benjamin Bratt chose not to make an appearance). Anyway, Smoke missing was noted although sex was not missing from this book.

Let me put this out there, I'm not super big on soft porn books. The romance section doesn't really have a pull for me, not that books I read are missing sex, but usually its not detailed, "gets the juices flowing" sex. This book has hot tamale sex and its not just once. I'll admit, it was a little weird to read about in the first book, but I was expecting it this time.

There were times when I questioned Cass's love for Ruthie, there were moments where she twisted what she wanted to make it seem like it was for her daughter. When Cass made the decision to leave the Box, she made it sound like there was going to be nothing left for her and Ruthie, but until that happened her daughter was still recovering from an unknown terror and she had the guarantee that she would be provided for. In a world where Beaters were around every corner, why not take something that was for sure and trade it for a world of chance?

Granted, if she hadn't traded for the world of chance, this book wouldn't have happened, but still. Not to mention the Rebuilders were a real class act. Just knowing how they operated from the last book was enough to make me think that going to them was just a bad idea. Another sick idea that I thought was fascinating was the harvesting outlier babies. I mean really, taking 14 year olds and forcing them to be pregnant. Even forcing the men to have vasectomy's was a little outrageous, somewhat understandable, but outrageous. And if you ask me, the Rebuilders should have been using all their fire power to kill the Beaters, not kill the people or attack people's settlements like the Library or the School.

If you also read the short story, Survivors, that was supposed to be between Aftertime and Rebirth then, you should remember Feo, the little boy that came in with his grandmother. You should be pleased to know that he does make an appearance in this book, so he wasn't forgotten. I can't wait to read the third and I believe final installment in this series, Horizon. That came out last month, but it will probably take me a few years to get to it.

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