Monday, July 1, 2013

Secret Readers

The other day while Hannah and I were having our daily bookish chat, we came to a few realizations"
1. She needs to read some sequels.
2. We both have a ton of books on our physical shelves that we never seem to get around to.

I think she needs to read Unravel Me and I really need to read Obsidian. At first I proposed a full month where we read 5-10 books picked by the other that we think need to be read. But instead, we're opening this to everyone for a new Monthly Meme.

How this works:

You sign up below on the Google Survey. You have until July 15th.
Then you hang out and wait while Hannah and I pair you someone. This is where the secret part comes in. On July 20th we will give you your assignment, and then you have to keep it a secret! You can't go around telling everyone who you got. We will include the person's name and the link to their blog and other various information. By July 25th, you have to tell Hannah and I what book you have selected for your chosen partner. Once we have been informed, we'll let your partners know, and then you have until August 31st to post your review.

Sound fair? We think so to.

This is for reviews to be posted in the month of August. And just for clarification purposes, you're only picking one book, and your TBR shelf should be books that you currently have or can easily get to. IE. I don't own Adaptation by Malinda Lo, but I can just hit my library to get it because they have it, or I can borrow it from a friend. If the library isn't easy to get to (Mine is around the corner from my house) then don't add it unless its a book you really want to read, but need to have a good little shove.

Makes Sense? I tried, if I didn't, please feel free to email with any questions, and I'll make a Q&A post so everyone is on the same page. I'll add a link to a sample list of mine later in the day. So what are you waiting for friends? If you can't access the form below go ahead and click this link!


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