Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vengeance (Fracture #2)


 Author: Megan Miranda
Goodreads Rating: 4.07
Pages: 352
Format: ARC from the Publisher

Nobody really believes in a curse. Until you know the people who disappear. Too much coincidence, you look for reason. Too much death, you grasp for something to blame. Carson pulled Delaney out and he died on the side of the road with her mouth pressed to his. Her air in his body. Troy. She told the cops it was suicide. Didn't matter. The lake released her and grabbed another. But when Decker's father dies in a pool of spilled water on their kitchen floor, all Decker can feel is a slow burning rage. Because he knows that Delaney knew that his dad was going to die. She knew and backed out of his house and never said a word. Falcon Lake still has a hold on them both, and Decker can't forgive Delaney until he knows why.

You can read what I thought about Fracture over here, but I have to say that these two books are just wow. I didn't realize I needed to read from Decker's point of view until I had read it and seen the events of what happened on the late from his view. While this book is a companion to Fracture, without reading Fracture you will be very lost as they allude to a lot of characters and events from the first book.

So where to start, who lets start with how Decker keeps seeing Delaney dead, and he can't get the image of her blue and frozen out of his mind. That would seriously fuck with someone. Thinking about it is messing with my head. Seeing the person that you love is such a bad way? I understand why he can't stop seeing it when he looks at her even if she is still there. Right there with him.

This book is hard on your feelings because as the synopses says its all about how his father died and how Delaney didn't tell him that she knew it was going to happen, and the book is all about his rage and his feelings of betrayal and how he comes to terms with what happened. There were times that I wanted to shake him and tell him to grow up, but a grief like that is not one that is easy to move past. Because this grief also came with feeling betrayed by the people you thought you could trust the most in the world.

Our favorite characters are all back and we get to meet some new faces like Maya and her brother Holden, but we also get to know others a little better, like Tara who we come to not have great feelings for in the first book, but this one will change how you see her. There are other things that go down in this book including the curse that the Lake is out to reclaim those that saved Delaney. It's spooky and will keep you guessing and wondering Is it really a curse or is there someone behind this?

I think that this book series did a great job of toeing the line of paranormal and mystery and that it keeps you guessing is what is going to keep me coming back for more of Miranda's work. I've already read Hysteria so I cannot wait to see what she's got for us next.
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