Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flood (Flood #1)

Author: Stephen Baxter
Goodreads rating: 3.56
Pages: 536
Format: Final copy
Next year. Sea levels begin to rise. The change is far more rapid than any climate change predictions; metres a year. Within two years London, only 15 metres above the sea, is drowned. New York follows, the Pope gives his last adress from the Vatican, Mecca disappears beneaths the waves. Where is all the water coming from? Scientists estimate that the earth was formed with seas 30 times in volume their current levels. Most of that water was burnt off by the sun but some was locked in the earth's mantle. For the tip of Everest to disappear beneath the waters would require the seas to triple their volume. That amount of water is still much less than 1% of the earth's volume. And somehow it is being released. The world is drowning. The biblical flood has returned. And the rate of increase is building all the time. Mankind is on the run, heading for high ground. Nuclear submarines prowl through clouds of corpses rising from drowned cities, populations are decimated and finally the dreadful truth is known. Before 50 years have passed there will be nowhere left to run. FLOOD tells the story of mankind's final years on earth. The stories of a small group of people caught up in the struggle to survive are woven into a tale of unimaginable global disaster. And the hope offered for a unlucky few by a second great ark.

 DNF (pg 220). Honestly, if the book wasn't 471 pages long, I probably could have muscled through it, but I just couldn't force myself to go through another 250 pages...

The beginning was really interesting! Super exciting and before I knew it I blew through 100 pages. But shortly after that, things started to slow down and get kind of boring. This is where a lot of the sciencey stuff comes out like theories on why the flood is happening. I am a huge science nerd and I loved this, but it just didn't have the excitement that the beginning of the book had and it slowly made me lose interest.

I can't go much more into it beside the beginning is awesome (with the kidnapped victims and the start of the flood). There are some exciting parts throughout the book but overall, the book gets 2/5 stars from me. Maybe another time, another place, I will go back and read it, but for now, I just can't.

Court's Decision 

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