Monday, February 23, 2015

Let the Storm Break (Let the Sky Fall #2)

Author: Shannon Messenger
Goodreads Rating: 4.15
Pages: 400
Format: ARC from Swap

Whirlwind romance and breathtaking action continues in the sequel to Let the Sky Fall, which Becca Fitzpatrick called “charged and romantic.” 

Vane Weston is haunted. By the searing pull of his bond to Audra. By the lies he’s told to cover for her disappearance. By the treacherous winds that slip into his mind, trying to trap him in his worst nightmares. And as his enemies grow stronger, Vane doesn’t know how much longer he can last on his own.

But Audra’s still running. From her past. From the Gales. Even from Vane, who she doesn’t believe she deserves. And the farther she flees, the more danger she finds. She possesses the secret power her enemy craves, and protecting it might be more than she can handle—especially when she discovers Raiden’s newest weapon.

With the Gale Force weakened by recent attacks, and the power of four collapsing, Vane and Audra are forced to make a choice: keep trusting the failing winds, or turn to the people who’ve betrayed them before. But even if they survive the storms sent to destroy them, will they have anything left to hold on to?

I have to say, Let the Sky Fall was probably one of my favorite reads of 2013. Like I loved this book and every word and every page of it. I knew that I NEEDED to get my hands on book two. It wasn't a question of if I would it was a matter of when I would. When I saw it at NYCC I was excited, yet disappointed because it wasn't actually there, so when I saw someone put it up for swap, I was all over that like white on rice.

This was an amazing follow up to the first book. I mean the way the first book left you, with Audra leaving Vane and Vane having to step up to the place. It was heartbreaking and you just needed to get into the next book. The second book starts off a few almost a month after the first book, and it stays with the tradition of giving you both POV's. We get to see what Vane is up to but also what Audra has been doing which is great. Rather than being left to wonder, we get to know what is going through Audra's mind since leaving and through Vane's mind since she left.

I adored that even when everything seemed to be going south, they both had faith in their relationship, even when Audra was doubting everything and Vane held onto the faith that Audra would come back to him. I actually appreciated that they were separated because while they both pined after one another, it was interesting to see one without the other. I loved Audra's adventure with Aston and while it wasn't a great adventure, it still gave us a glimpse at what Raiden was really like and what to expect from the rest of the book.

I also appreciated the other characters that were then introduced. We got to meet Gus who is this great Gale who befriended Vane and finally we get to meet the last princess. I'm so excited for the last book and that ending was absolutely murder, I can't wait to see how this series is going to end. It breaks my heart though that it has to end because the world that Messenger has built is one that I never want to leave.
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  1. i really enjoyed the first book but I don't remember much about it so I need to reread it before I go on with the series.



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