Monday, May 2, 2016

Review: Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunters #4)

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Goodreads Rating: 4.24
Pages: 368
 What do you get when you have an immortal Viking warrior no one can remember five minutes after he leaves their presence, and a demon on the run for her life who is being pursued by one seriously pissed-off demigod?

That would be my life.

It started out simple enough. One night I went to save a woman in trouble. The next thing I knew, the doorway to hell had opened and out stepped Daimons- soul-sucking vampires the likes of which I’d never seen before. Led by the son of Apollo, they are out to end the curse that has banished them all to darkness. The only problem with that is they have to kill Cassandra Peters to do it and if she dies, so dies the sun, the earth and all who dwell here. Life’s just a bowl full of cherries, ain’t it?

Brought together by fate, it’s now my job to protect a daughter of the very race I have been hunting for centuries. Neither of us dares to trust the other. But if we don’t find a way to overcome our differences and to bridge thousands of years of animosity, we won’t die alone. We’ll take the entire world with us.

Wulf Tryggvasen

 Not my favorite but it's definitely one that challenges everything you thought you knew about the Dark-Hunters and the Appolites and Daimons. This is just the book that makes you question everything.

I like to start these reviews with the, "if you haven't read the other books, I highly recommend reading them first." It's not necessary, but it's kind of cool to build up the timeline of events and they make slight references back to the other books.

Now, onto the review....

Well it starts off with a bang (almost literally... "bang"as in the exciting way, where we see our heroine and her body guard completely kicking ass, and I love a girl who can kick butt ;), and "bang" as in we have a sex scene pretty early on. I'm usually not a big fan of that but it doesn't take away from the book as a whole so I just kind of overlooked it)

Now we get to meet Wulf, who has the unique power where no one can remember him after he leaves a room (with the exception of his Squire and the other Dark-Hunters). Now, I was confused by Wulf's relationship with Chris (his Squire) for a while. I got why Wulf was so protective of him but couldn't really understand their relationship (as well as why he could remember Wulf.) This may have been my own fault and maybe I missed a key detail somewhere but I did find out that Chris is descended from Wulf's brother (only his relatives can remember him). Anyway, moving on.

Cassandra offers a really interesting twist to these love stories. She is an Apollite who is approaching her 27th birthday (or deathday I guess...) but she's special. When she dies, apparently so does the Sun. In a whole series of events that I won't dive into (spoilers and all), Wulf ends up having to guard her from people who want her dead (for reasons you can read about). Meanwhile, he (as well as us readers), who hate Daimons and such, start to see them in a new light.

This book is really on par with the other books as far as twists and awe-inducing happenings. If you are a fan of Acheron (like me), this book puts more of an air of mystery around him (if that's even possible). I am just craving to know more!!!

Overall, this is a great book (just like the others) and it will literally make you question everything you thought you knew.

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