Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Night Play (Dark-Hunters #5, Were-Hunter #1)

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Goodreads Rating: 4.36
Pages: 362
New Orleans. Bride McTierney, dumped by ex after 5 years constantly criticizing her lush size, finds her knight in shining armor is a wolf in white fur. Vane Kattalakis 400+ years hides with comatose brother Fang from enemies in were-bear family Sanctuary. But matching palm marks mean Bride and Vane are mates. He has 3 weeks to finish the ceremony or live impotent.

 YES!!!! Finally a story about a bigger woman!! (Not that I didn't absolutely adore the other fabulous ladies in these books, I just love reading about a girl with body issues much like my own. I related a lot with Bride).

And I actually loved reading about both of their insecurities. Bride obviously had her body issues thanks in part to an extremely sucky ex-boyfriend (and I say "sucky ex-boyfriend" because that is the best I can do without needing a censor), but Vane had his own insecurities being part Katagari and part Arcadian. A lot of people really don't like Bride's constant fixation on her weight and what-not, but with some of her family and person she previously loved also telling her she should diet, I don't blame her in the slightest (and I honestly didn't really notice it or it really didn't bother me. I'm kind of used to the book repeating some points over and over throughout the book though). I also found it slightly weird that she finds a random wolf on the street (and realizes it's a wolf, not like "Oh look! A big dog!") and takes it home with her and also doesn't question that it's miraculously tame.

I also have issues with inst-love/lust that's popular in many romance novels, and I've seen it with a few Dark-Hunters too. It annoys me a little, and in this case... I can kind of explain it away. I don't want to give spoilers so I won't say anything more than, sometimes you just can't help fate and if you are meant to be together, instant love/lust might happen. Still slightly annoying to me, though... I like to see more of a challenge.

This book also introduces a couple more characters, Fury and Fang (who isn't really introduced but you see him again), who I'm actually really hoping they have their own books sometime soon :) It really helps build up why I love this series... outstanding character developed and character driven! You want to know what happens to the characters and that really drives me through the book.

Especially this book..... To say that this book fucked with my head is putting it lightly. The amount of times I was like, "Nooo!!!........oh ok just kidding...... wait what??? NOOOO!!!! *crying*...... oh.... ok never mind again...." was ridiculous. Again, no spoilers, but this book really did almost bring me to tears (ok..... it did....).

I really enjoyed learning a little bit more about the Katagari and Arcadians and did really enjoy Vane's book (slight annoyances aside). The drama with it and the continued character development is amazing as always, and at parts I was wishing I could read faster to see what would happen. A well-deserved 4.5 stars from me and I'm on to the next one :)

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