Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Mage (Sons of Destiny #8)

Author: Jean Johnson
Goodreads Rating: 4.12/5
Pages: 384

The Sons of Destiny series continues in this breathtaking romantic fantasy from a fresh new voice.
Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day-they fulfill the Curse of Eight Prophecy. To avoid tempting their destiny, the brothers are exiled to Nightfall Island, where women are forbidden. Morganen’s bride has arrived. But Hope hasn’t been truthful about herself, and the consequences could be dangerous.Just as Morg gets used to Hope’s revelation, an old foe resurfaces and strikes, kidnapping the final bride-to-be...

I always tend to get emotional when a series I've been reading/following for a long time comes to an end. I loved these books and I was really excited to read this book. However, I was a bit let down by some things sadly.

I was really interested to see how Morg and Hope's relationship goes, since they had essentially been courting each other since they met I believe in the first book. I wanted to see what challenges could happen since they already knew each other, and admitted how they felt many books ago.

The beginning threw me for a loop. It started off with characters I didn't recognize (and it actually made me think I had the wrong book on my Kindle. But after double checking, I just kept reading). The beginning was AWESOME! It started the book off with a twist that I never saw coming. The twist opens up the opportunity for a lot of conflicts that I had been wondering about with Morg and Hope's relationship. There were plenty of other twists that kept me reading. Granted I didn't yell or start talking to the book, like I usually do when I get overly excited about a part in a book, but they were still interesting.

Hope is probably one of my favorite characters (of the female ones anyway) and I loved reading about her and Kelly (my other favorite character). However, I did have some issues with the book though. The story line seemed to jump between chapters a bit (by that I mean there were gaps in the story from one chapter to the next where the story continued a few weeks later and such). I'm usually fine with this once and a while but it happened too much for my taste and left me asking "Well what happened in that time?" Granted, if the author didn't do that, the book probably would have been much longer and would have had many ho-hum moments, but I still would have liked to know what happened in those weeks we skipped.

The ending was cute, but not what I expected. This would have been a great time to do a time jump in an epilogue or something to see what happens to everyone we read about for the past 8 books. I won't post the questions that I have here (because that will give away precious details of the other books and this one), but I still have questions about what happens after the "Happily Ever After" moment.

Overall, this book was good (about 3.5/5 stars, but alas I can't give half a star so I rounded up). There are still questions I have about what happens next (which I don't particularly like having at the end of a series), and there were some personal quips I had that brought this books rating down. But I love Hope and the varying twists in the book kept this book from failing. Not my favorite of the series but still not bad :)

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