Monday, April 9, 2012

Brain Trust

Author: Garth Sundem
Goodreads Rating: 4.20
My Rating: 3.5
Pages: 256 

Reviewed by: Amy

This was Amy's first Goodreads giveaway win!

Goodreads Synopsis: 

How much better would your life be if you had an army of Nobel Laureates, MacArthur ‘geniuses’ and National Medal of Science winners whispering tips in your ear about your body language, or how to resist that impulse purchase you’ll regret tomorrow, or when to sell your car—or even helping you trick your spouse into doing the dishes?

With this mighty little tome, you can have the next best thing--because Brain Trust is packed with bite-sized scientific wisdom on our everyday challenges, hand-delivered to you direct from the galaxy’s biggest brains. Based entirely on interviews with an incredible lineup of luminaries from the fields of neuroscience, economics, anthropology, music, mathematics, and more, Brain Trust is full of cutting-edge science that’ll help you see the real world better—and smarter.


--what advanced math can teach you about getting all your chores done today
--how creating a ‘future self’ can help you shop smarter at the grocery store
--what prairie voles can teach us about love
--how the science of happiness can help you trick lawyers into doing charity work
--the components of gullibility, and how they can help you scam-proof yourself
--the secrets to building your very own army of cyborg beetles
--how memetic information can help you exploit altruism for good…or evil
--why eating for eight hours can help you lose weight
--the behavioral economics behind selling your junk for big bucks on eBay
--how to get more plasure for less price

…And much, much more 


It was a really enjoyable read. The author has a very humorous writing style that helped make the reading funny and entertaining. Some of the "secrets" were really interesting to read about. Some were a little over my head and I didn't really care for. But you can't like everything. Also, the secrets were in very short sections (usually only a couple pages long at most) so it easy to read one more section quick before a class or during a commercial break on my TV show. Definitely an interesting book.

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