Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Into The Future Giveaway!

So on Sunday I got to go into the city for a book signing that I have been super pumped about, well, since Tahereh Mafi posted about it on Twitter. So not only was it with Tahereh Mafi who wrote Shatter Me, (which I rave about too much) but there was also Lauren Oliver (Liesl & Po, Before I Fall, Delirium, Pandemonium) and Anna Carey who wrote Eve and last, but certainly not least, Under The Never Sky's own Veronica Rossi.

The name of this tour was Spring Into the Future (Get it, they're all dystopian books?) and it was really cool, it was the first book signing, reading that I've been to in a long time. (The last one was Summer Sanders with Champions are Raised, Not Born) I still enjoyed it never the less and I plan on going out to more of them now that I'm home. So check out the pictures from the visit to Books of Wonder in NYC. (Ps. Sorry the pictures are so strangely aligned, sometimes I just hate Blogger.)

Our Lovely Authors in the limelight

The wonderful Tahereh Mafi
Veronica Rossi

Lauren Oliver and Anna Carey 

Some TOTALLY AWESOME SWAG from Tahereh Mafi.
(She posted pictures of this on Facebook, and I really wanted
this one and I was so pumped that I got it!)
I'm also convinced that the page on the top is from
Unravel Me but that could just be wishful thinking.

So for the really exciting part, I got two posters signed by the authors, one for myself and one for my sister's school! ONE OF THEM CAN BE YOURS! Check out below for details! I'VE DECIDED TO MAKE THIS INTERNATIONAL!

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  1. I've sadly never been to a book signing.
    But my favorite book so far would have to be Shatter Me. An amazing book had me blown away, here's my review on it:

  2. I've never gotten to go to a book signing either.. I live in the boondocks, so they never happen anywhere close to me haha. My favorite dystopian has got to be, of course, The Hunger Games, but I have a lot of dystopian favs. Thanks for sharing your experience and for the awesome giveaway! :D

  3. I love book signings but my absolute fave was Melissa De La Cruz From the Blue bloods series and Witches of east end. She was super cool and stayed to hang out with some fans and when she ran out of swag she got everyone's name and address and mailed to all of us with extras. Super cool and down to earth.

    1. ooo What Kinda Swag! Thats the best, when authors spoil their readers with one of a kind swag that has to do with their books.

  4. I was at a book signing back in the mid 90's. I met Anne Rice. It was a RUSH!

    1. My sister loves Anne Rice, although I've yet to read anything by her. I suppose I should get on that.

  5. Never been to a book signing, I've gotten signed books and ARC's sent to me, does that count?! LoL. But my favorite dystopian has to either be Divergent by Veronica Roth or The Hunger Games series...

  6. ACK, I'm in your first picture: the blond against the pole!!!! :)



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