Sunday, January 1, 2012

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2)

Author: Suzanne Collins
Average Goodreads Rating: 4.39/5
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Pages: 391

I started reading this series over the summer and since I knew that I was going to be getting a Nook for Christmas, I decided to wait to keep reading the series because they were still in hardcover, and I don't like hardcovers. I knew that I was missing out by waiting, but patience is a virtue. I flew through this book in less than a week. Needless to say, I am not waiting to read the next book.

Synopses from

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark won the annual competition described in Hunger Games, but the aftermath leaves these victors with no sense of triumph. Instead, they have become the poster children for a rebellion that they never planned to lead. That new, unwanted status puts them in the bull's-eye for merciless revenge by The Capitol...

My Review after the jump!

I cannot rave more about this book. The story picks up months after the Games ended and now Peeta and Katniss are about to go on their victory tour. It is clear from the start that life for Katniss hasn't been what she hoped since she returned to District 12. After she receives a visit from President Snow that threatens everyone she knows, she has to try to make sure everyone knows that she and Peeta are truly in love when their relationship has been frosty at best.

The tour starts off in the District where Rue was from and what does Katniss do but incite agitation by declaring Rue's death nothing but a tragedy. She started to go against everything that Snow asked her to do. Because of this she has to try even harder even going as far as asking Peeta to propose for the benefit of The Capitol. It's easy for me, a college educated 20 year old to judge the actions of an uneducated 17 year old. She got frustrating as she did things without thinking it through and sometimes she over-thought situations.

I don't mean to say that she wasn't smart but that she just got on my nerves, but like I said I knew a lot of what was going on so its easy to judge. If I had ever been put in Katniss' position, I don't think I would have been able to survive and do what she did. She maintains her strength as she works through having to play in the Games...Again.

She and Peeta both go back into the ring and as they prepare for it, they find out that there are a series of rebellions in the different districts. Since they live in a world of propaganda, no one really knows what is happening in the different districts until the very end of the book.

Who would I recommend this to? The same people who I recommended the first book to. Everyone should read this series. It wasn't until I was talking to my cousin, who is a teacher that I was able to see how close we are to this world they have.


  1. I have to say that although I love the series as a whole, the first book is my favorite. I don't necessarily feel that the sequels live up to my expectations.

  2. I would agree to that statement, although I didn't have expectations for the following books, I didn't want to spoil them so much that I went as far as not reading the synopses just to keep the whole book a surprise. I also think that once you set a standard like the first book, its a little hard to keep up with what all the fans want such as who she should end up with Gale or Peeta.



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