Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Warm Welcome

In the coming weeks, real life is going to be pulling me away from my reading and therefore away from you. In an effort to not only provide you with a steady stream of reviews as well as more of a variety of books, I have asked one of my good friends to help contribute to my blog, and here she is:

Helloooooooooo. My name is Amy and I am a college graduate who fills her free time between school work and teaching by reading. I started out hating books but thanks to reading teachers I had throughout my early childhood, by middle school you wouldn't see me without a book somewhere. One of my favorite things about reading is talking about the books I read with other people. 

I am a big fan of romance (mostly paranormal), young adult, dystopian fiction and a plethora of other random books that catch my attention. You'll catch me sometimes going outside of my comfort zone with books. But, I am widely open to suggestions! 

All posts will be made by yours truly (Nicole) unless otherwise indicated. Since Amy also has a Kindle, you can expected a review on what it is like being a kindle owner and how she likes it as well as other posts about reading made by her.

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