Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy One Month!

I am so proud that I get to write this post about my first month as a blogger. My biggest fear was that I would never keep up with having a blog and that I would let it fall by the wayside as my life got busy. While it is only the first month, I think that its a huge milestone, and so long as I know I have people relying on me, I'll always be able to keep up for you guys!

In one month I have reviewed 12 books, read 10 books this year, and I have over 500 page views! The only way from there is up right? I am so grateful to know that there are people who regularly read my blog, and people that check in on it from time to time. When I first started to write my blog, I thought of it more as a pet project for myself, something that I always wanted to do, but would be more for myself than other people. But a few days ago, I found out I was wrong, that the people I cared about and called my friends told me they loved my blog, that it looked fancy and I found out some even joined Blogger to be able to follow my blog. I nearly cried (Which I need to stop doing so long as you work with me).

With 9 followers, I'm hoping that I can only make those number swell in the next eleven months, and I will be able to celebrate being live for one year with all of you. Thank you, all of you, for encouraging my blog, sharing it and most importantly reading it. I'm hoping that I can do big things (maybe even a giveaway or two!) on here and that you will set your own reading goals and realize that even when life is crazy, there is always time for a good book.

So go out and celebrate my fellow book lovers! Eat a cookie or maybe a cupcake, and celebrate the small things in life.

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