Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday #5

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Author: Erin Bow
Goodreads Rating: 3.63
Pages: 384
Expected Publication: September 22, 2015
A world battered by climate shift and war turns to an ancient method of keeping peace: the exchange of hostages. The Children of Peace - sons and daughters of kings and presidents and generals - are raised together in small, isolated schools called Preceptures. There, they learn history and political theory, and are taught to gracefully accept what may well be their fate: to die if their countries declare war.

Greta Gustafsen Stuart, Duchess of Halifax and Crown Princess of the Pan-Polar Confederation, is the pride of the North American Precepture. Learned and disciplined, Greta is proud of her role in keeping the global peace, even though, with her country controlling two-thirds of the world’s most war-worthy resource — water — she has little chance of reaching adulthood alive.

Enter Elián Palnik, the Precepture’s newest hostage and biggest problem. Greta’s world begins to tilt the moment she sees Elián dragged into the school in chains. The Precepture’s insidious surveillance, its small punishments and rewards, can make no dent in Elián, who is not interested in dignity and tradition, and doesn’t even accept the right of the UN to keep hostages.

What will happen to Elián and Greta as their two nations inch closer to war?
Such a cool idea for a dystopian!!! Want the countries to stop waging war? Well hold all the leaders' children hostage with the threat that if a country goes to war, their children die! I reeeeeally love this idea if you can't tell :)

I'm hoping that it focuses on that plot line and doesn't have a huge focus on the possible romance between Greta and Elián. That's not to say I hope there isn't something there. I just want this to be more of kick-ass dystopian where you think you know what's coming but then all of a sudden....
 and all you can do is say...
 And it possibly haunts you for days...

Well if my excessive use of gifs doesn't tell you how much anticipation I have for this book, I don't know what will. I can't wait to get my hands on this to see if it lives up to my expectations ;)

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