Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BEA Blitz

Today is the day that I get real with you peeps. For months now, Hannah The Irish Banana, Lexie from Poisoned Rationality and myself have plotting and planning about how excited we are for BEA. We have been talking about it, texting about it, tweeting, and facebooking about it (often all at the same time) since they let you register in December.) Along the way we decided that to help people get as pumped as we have been since December, we should do a series of posts where we all talk about BEA and why its so great.

We have interviews with authors and publishers. We have posts about what to expect and what to do. Better yet, WE HAVE ANSWERS. I know that there are some burning questions that you have been dying to ask, well, this is your chance to ask them of us, so DO IT.

For me this is the first time that I have really had time to blog since I started my job back in January. Sadly, my job has been really time consuming (as the real world can be) so having the time to sit down and do this has been hard, but it is my hope that I will sit there and talk about BEA and then I will get sucked back into this world, and know the rest.

The schedule is top secret, but you can look forward to interviews or BEA related posts for all of the month of May. If you want to ask us a question about BEA or just to share how excited you are about the event, Tweet at us, and be sure to use #BEABlitz and get excited, because we sure are!



  1. This will be SO awesome. First post is live!

  2. Yah! I am super excited for BEA! Can't wait until your posts go live, would love to hear what you've got to say. Hope to meet you there. Only 28 days left!



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