Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crave (Fallen Angels #2)

Author: J.R. Ward
Goodreads rating: 4.03/5
Pages: 454

Seven deadly sins. Seven souls that must be saved. One more no-holds- barred battle between a fallen angel with a hardened heart and a demon with everything to lose.
Isaac Rothe is a black ops soldier with a dark past and a grim future. The target of an assassin, he finds himself behind bars, his fate in the hands of his gorgeous public defender Grier Childe. His hot attraction to her can only lead to trouble-and that's before Jim Heron tells him his soul is in danger. Caught up in a wicked game with the demon who shadows Jim, Isaac must decide whether the soldier in him can believe that true love is the ultimate weapon against evil.

This was a good second book to the Fallen Angel series. A lot of stuff happens in this book, that I'm obviously not going to mention. But to put things simply, Jim grows into his angel-ness, and even he and Eddie and Adrian grow a little closer.

The book took a while to actually take off. I had to force myself to read sometimes. All the while I was thinking "Which of the seven deadly sins is Isaac?" This question plagued me to the point where I had to go online and research a bit on each of the seven sins to make sure I wasn't missing something. But everything became clear in the late 300 pages of the book (I don't off hand remember the exact page number, just that it was later in the 300's lol). The answer hit me much like it probably hit the characters (plot-twist seems like too small of a word to describe this). Now I'm not saying things don't start happening until page 300-whatever. The book picks up a little before half-way. But give it a chance :) By page 300-whatever, you won't be putting it down.

You also see a lot of background on each of the characters, Devina especially. She is one hell of a bad guy (or woman... villaness....whatever). Again, I can't say much without giving away stuff but you can see more of her character (and see twisted she really is...) in this book.

I also liked how the first book and this book were connected. Jim asked Matthias for a favor in the first book, and Mathias in return tells Jim to go after Isaac. Say hello to the characters in book 2 :) Now this book, doesn't appear to lead into the third book much so it does leave me wondering how J.R. Ward will continue to flow the plot through the series like she did so splendidly so far in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Overall, not a bad book. With the slowness of the beginning, plus I have a thing with the "falling in love in a matter of a few days" thing I'm kind of against in romances, I put this book at 3.5/5 stars. I liked learning more about Devina and Jim, plus seeing his relationship with Eddie and Adrian grow, as well, plus...that one plot-twist in page 300-whatever... that will leave you with a slack jaw for a while :) so this kept the rating a little more up for me.

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