Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BEABlitz: Carmen Rodrigues

Today I have Carmen Rodrigues joining me on the blog. I met Carmen when I was visiting the Simon and Schuster booth asking if they had her book there with them. My answer was "No, but thats the author." From there we started talking about her book, and I told her I would be sure to stop by her signing the next day. Carmen was showcasing her book 34 Pieces of You, an edgy tale about the impact a girls death had on those that loved her most. It was a really great read and was full of surprising twists and turns. Sadly, she doesn't have any books for this year, but I'm hoping she'll be joining us next year!

1.) Was 2012 your first time attending BEA? If not, when was the first time?

Yes, it was! I had an incredible time, particularly meeting all the bloggers who are a spirited, passionate group. 

2.) What did you do when not signing books?

At BEA, I participated in a "speed-dating" event with booksellers, which was amazing. It was so much fun pitching them 34 PIECES OF YOU in three minutes or less. Outside of BEA, I had dinner and drinks with other writers, visited the Simon Pulse office, and caught up with a few of my local friends. I also attended a few parties. 

3.) What's your favorite BEA memory?

I saw John Green in the hallway and had a fan-girl moment. I didn't say anything to him, because I'm rather shy, but I think he could see everything I was feeling right there in my eyes. 

4.) What's one thing you wish you had done at BEA?

I wish there had been more time to meet with other Simon Pulse authors, independent booksellers, and YA bloggers. It all goes by so fast, and it's such a huge event. I'm just happy to have had a chance to experience it. 

5.) What was your favorite thing to do while in NYC?

What isn't? Mostly, I like to visit S'MAC in the East Village, which is only the best macaroni and cheese eat spot ever. I recommend the Alpine! Delicious.

6.) Would you go again if you had the option?
Of course! It's an amazing event. I'd go over and over and over again. 

7.) Would you go back to BEA without a title being showcased?

(See above.)

8.) Anything you wanted to add that I didn't ask about your experience as an author at BEA?


A huge thank you to Carmen for agreeing to this interview! It was great getting to talk to her and hear about her experiences. I will be sure to visit S'MAC in the near future.



  1. Carmen sounds so sweet! Too bad she won't have a booth there this year. :(

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