Monday, May 6, 2013

BEABlitz: Author Sarah J. Maas

I can't even tell you how excited I am about today's interview. I'm actually lucky because Lexie wanted to interview her as well and because I was dragging my feet to send out questions, she threatened to take her from me. There's actually more back story from last year, my first year at BEA, Lex and I were PUMPED to to meet Miss Sarah J. Maas. We actually harassed her so much on Twitter, but still was very excited to meet us when it came to BEA. She was gracious and wonderful, and there is no way that I'm not going to be one of the first on her line this year.

1.) Was 2012 your first time attending BEA? If not, when was the first time?
Yep! 2012 was my first time—and what a magical whirlwind it was!

2.) What did you do when not signing books?
I wandered the floor (so many books!), met up with a bunch of people, attended some panels featuring my friends (three of them were BEA Buzz Books!), and drank a LOT of coffee.

Sarah & I at BEA12
3.) What's your favorite BEA memory?
Ummm, probably walking into the green room on the way to my signing, seeing a huge line, and being told that all those people were there to get copies of Throne of Glass. I still get a bit teary-eyed whenever I think about it!

4.) What's one thing you wish you had done at BEA?
Attended more panels from authors/industry professionals. And I wish I’d had a chance to sit down and chat with some more lovely bloggers. <3

5.) What was your favorite thing to do while in NYC?
Well, I grew up in NYC and my parents still live in Manhattan, so I’d say my favorite thing to do while in NYC is to just go to all my favorite food places (Pizza! Bagels!). And if I have time, I always try to catch an ABT ballet at the Metropolitan Opera House.

6.) Would you go again if you had the option? 
YES! Absolutely. I met so many amazing people and had such a great time! 

7.) Would you go back to BEA without having a title showcased?
See above! (Answer: YESSSS!)

8.) Anything you wanted to add that I didn't ask about your experience as an author at BEA?
Ummm… Wear comfortable shoes! (Seriously). Bring band-aids (for either your feet or someone else’s mangled toes), and be sure to drink lots of water! Also—though it can be overwhelming (the size of the floor, the number of people), don’t be shy: BEA is a GREAT opportunity to meet people from every part of the industry, so don’t hesitate to strike up conversation (especially if you’re waiting in line)!

9.) Will you be coming again this year?
Yes! I don’t have details yet about what I’ll be doing (events/signings/etc.), but I will definitely be there!

Sarah is going to be coming again to BEA with the sequel to Throne of Glass. She will be signing Crown of Midnight on Thursday, May 30 at 1PM. You will also be able to find her floating around with her good friends Kat Zhang, Susan Dennard or Erin Bowman. (Or any number of people for that fact.) I can't even begin to tell you my excitement to see her again! A Big Thank you to Sarah for joining me on the #BEABlitz Journey!



  1. I cannot wait to meet Sarah! She seems so absolutely sweet! :)

    Great interview, Nicole!!

  2. ::shakes fist:: you beat me to the punch! XD Yep this seals it, Sarah you are terrifically awesome!

    Nicole I shall see you at the front of the line!



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