Thursday, May 9, 2013

BEABlitz: Librarian Edition

I know, I know, I have two in a row, but thats because I switched days with Lexie because she had a blog tour and I did too, so thats where we're at. Today we have Audrey from Bibliosaurus Text, she is a librarian so she gets to offer another different view on BEA. Again, thank you to Hannah for helping me set this interview up. Don't know what I would do without her.

1.) How many years have you attended BEA?

I attended last year and the year before.

2.) What's your best advice for someone going for the first time?

Go with a list of things you want to see and do, but be flexible. I like to  have a plan, but that plan will inevitably change as I see other cool things or am just too tired to keep it up. Also, ship your books every day instead of saving it all for the final day, like I did the first year I went. I nearly died struggling with all those books up the stairs of the post office. Bring your own tape for shipping, too, because it tends to sell out.

3.) What's the craziest thing you've seen happen?

I haven't seen too much crazy at BEA, other than the mad rush people will sometimes get into. Seriously, I don't run on my own time, and I won't run for a book. When all's said and done, I can always buy it or check it out from the library later.

4.) What is your favorite BEA memory?

I have three favorite moments from last year. I got to meet R.L. Stine and tell him how much I loved his comedy books he wrote as Jovial Bob Stine. He seemed genuinely touched and surprised, and said that he wanted to write comedy, but nobody else wanted him to. I just wanted to hug the heck out of him. I also got to meet John Green *swoon*, and at one point found myself up against his back in a crowd. I didn't realize who he was until he turned around. I also got Libba Bray to give me a high five. Other than that, it's been amazing to finally meet bloggers (like Hannah) in person. I also really enjoyed being able to see Random House's office at their incredible Power Readers breakfast last year. I felt like a VIP.

5.) What are the benefits of a librarians attending an event like BEA?

I think librarians who can't afford to go to ALA are still able to get the exhibits experience and time with publishers and other members of the industry. BEA seems to be reaching out to librarians, so there's a lounge on the floor that's librarian only, and networking can take place there. I also think BEA is great for public and school librarians who have vastly limited budgets.


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