Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BEABlitz: Danny from Bewitching Bookworms

Now, I have to thank Hannah for this interview with Danny from Bewitching Bookworms. You may have noticed that I've been somewhat absent for the past few months. Sure! My blog keeps posting, but I've started a new job and so I've hardly had time to really focus on the blog, and Hannah helped me get this review because she has seen me go from being all there to hardly being there at all. She set up this interview with Danny, and man do I wish I had because she sounds like a really awesome chick.

1.) How many years have you attended BEA?
2011 was the first year I attended so this will be my third year. 

2.) You travel quite a ways to get to BEA each year! Why did you decide to make the trek?
Since I’m living in Germany, I do not have the chance to meet so many authors. I realized that I needed to be there too. When I started Book Blogging in 2010 I saw all these post from people who were going to BEA and I knew one day BEA would be a perfect opportunity to meet these amazing authors, get into contact with publishers and meet other Bloggers. I felt like at some point I need to see why everyone is so excitedly talking about this event. And then.. the following year, I decided to just go and see for myself. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed as I am now going for the third time :) 

3.) How do you handle getting everything you get home without spending a fortune?
Unfortunately I cannot send a package full of books home as all the people from the US usually do. If I would send all the books home to Germany it would truly cost a fortune. Just calculate for yourself, sending one book is already $15, so sending 60 books?!?! So I bring a second suitcase. This serves also two purposes. First, I can take this second smaller bag and bring it every day to BEA so that I do not have to carry all the books the whole day (My back and neck thanks me!) and I fill up this suitcase and just check it in as an second bag. You just have to check first with your airline, because some do only allow one checked in bag. 

4.) What's your favorite BEA memory?
OoOooo I have so many! From first year BEA it was definitely meeting Jenny from Supernatural Snark. We were reading each others blog but when we met in person at BEA it was love at first sight. Then, the same
year we went to have coffee with Michelle Hodkins who was made of awesome! Also meeting Julie Kagawa was just amazing! I was such a big fan and I couldn’t believe it when she even remembered my name! Big Awesome Moment! 

Then last year, my favorite moment was meeting Katie McGarry! I just read an ARC from Pushing The Limits before flying to BEA. then the first night on twitter Julie Kagawa tweeted that they were at their hotel and whoever was nearby should just come by and have a drink with them. So, that’s what we did and then we had some wine with Julie and Katie and just chatted! This is an evening I will never forget! 

5.) What advice would you give to someone going to BEA for the first time from another country?
I think it doesn’t matter if you are from the US or from somewhere accross the world, my main advice is having fun. You should make a (preliminary) plan which authors you want to see, but don’t stress too much but instead go with the flow. I love most just wandering around at BEA, talking to Bloggers, Publishers and Authors. 

And… talk to the people around you especially when standing in line! Be social, and network! Often you might know the blogger, I mean in the end when they are standing in line they might love the same books! I just love these moments and meet tons of awesome people! 

So thank you to Hannah for setting this particular interview up and Danny for joining me today!



  1. You're welcome! Isn't Danny fabulous?! I cannot WAIT to meet her in person this year!

  2. And I cannot wait to meet you Girls!!!! Thank you so much for inviting me here today :))



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