Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Through Thursday

Book Through Thursday is a weekly meme that asks a questions about books and/or reading. It's a discussion post so please leave your answer (or link to your answer) in the comments! Interested in participating yourself? You can find the question for the week here.

So since there wasn't a new question posted (and this is the first time I'm doing this), I'm using the question from last week.
How do you store your books? On bookcases? In piles? In piles on bookcases? Are they sorted? Do you know where everything is? What’s the most creative storage you’ve seen or used for your books?
I have two bookshelves: one for unread books and the other for read books. Both bookshelves are organized alphabetically by author (the easiest organization system I have found).

Since I have a plethora of unread books... I have some books stacked on the floor. As I move books to the "Read shelf", I gradually move books off the floor and onto the unread shelf.

 I've seen a wide range of ways to organize books: by color, genre, title. I've also seen a bunch of creative bookshelves, usually in different shapes. But this....
Is just pure awesomeness! If it was more in a couch form (to allow me to lay down, aka my ultimate reading position), I'd be screaming...

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