Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Waiting On Wednesday #8?

I really need to go back and count these but I think this is the eighth WOW post I've done for the blog.

This week's Waiting on Wednesday is for a book that should actually be called MY FRACTURED FEELS instead of it's actual (and lovelier title) Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.

There are INNUMERABLE reasons why I need this book in my hands yesterday.

2. Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner are narrative geniuses.
3. We get more TARVER MERENDSON.
4. Did you hear me? TARVER MERENDSON.
5. We finally get to see Corinth. Super excited about that.
6. Do we get to meet Daddy LaRoux?
7. We get to follow Sofia Quinn around? She's a BAMF and a lady and I'm dying to hear more of her story.
8. I really can't wait to meet Gideon, the computer hacker.
9. I hope there's a Lee and Flynn appearance.
10. The cover makes me want to dive in.
11. My heart needs to be put back together and broken again. Just like the stars were and the world was shattered and the light is fractured. We need to fix that.
12. I just need it. Please.
13. I need a good cry. A happy cry, a sad cry, a my-god-it's-so-beautiful-cry. Just gimme. I think this book will deliver.
14. I need to imagine Chris Pine as Tarver. (No seriously, it's a legit headcanon.)

HOWEVER, I never want this series to end so I will wait many wednesdays for this book. Because when I have it in my hands that means it's over. And it can't be over. This world is too fascinating, the characters too amazing, and the writing too captivating to leave behind.

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