Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This week's Top Ten Tuesday was hard.

It's sad to realize that you haven't read as many books as you thought you had. Even sadder when you realize that you haven't read that many by the same author! Alas, here it is.

Brianna's picks:

J.K. Rowling

I've read the first three Harry Potter books multiple times. The only one I haven't finished is Order of the Phoenix.

Nancy Holder 

For those don't know, Nancy Holder is the QUEEN of the Buffy tie in. Her ideas are incredibly original and her characterization of all the Scoobies is so spot on. She even makes me care about her original characters.

Christopher Golden

If Nancy is the Queen then Christopher Golden is the King. His Buffy tie-in novels are epic.

Randi Resfield and H.B. Gilmour

I was kind of obsessed with the T*Witches series as a kid and I own all 10 books in the series, even if I haven't read the last one yet. I'd love to get to it one day and totally embrace my ten-year-old nostalgia.

John Green

I once read all of his books--except Let It Snow--back to back, my heart breaking at the end of each. Of course I saved TFIOS for last. I'm a masochist that way.

Madeline L'Engle 

I first read a Wrinkle In Time when I was in fourth grade. It was magical and I found an instant friend
in Meg Murray. I soon devoured the next three in the series and while I haven't actually read the complete set, I know I can save them for a 'dark and stormy night' and feel welcomed back by Charles Wallace, Meg and the rest of the Murrays.

Nicole's Picks:

Scott Westerfield 
I was so totally in love with his work since The Midnighters Series, it really is one of my favorite series (and I still hold onto hope for a TV series although it is probably long gone. Not surprising when I had the chance to meet Scott, I totally blew it and fangirled to the extreme. But that's a story for another day.

Sarah J. Maas
Does she need explaining? She's such a wonderful author and great person. I latched onto Throne of Glass and will continue through Queen of Shadows and beyond. Love her work and as a person.


  1. Love the Time Quartet by L'Engle! Some of my favorite books :)
    My TTT

  2. OoTP was one of the hardest Harry Potter Books for me to get through. Great List!
    My ttt



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