Monday, August 17, 2015

You and Me and Him

Author: Kris Dinnison
Goodreads Rating: 3.55
Pages: 288
 “Do not ignore a call from me when you know I am feeling neurotic about a boy. That is Best Friend 101.” —Nash

Maggie and Nash are outsiders. She’s overweight. He’s out of the closet. The best of friends, they have seen each other through thick and thin, but when Tom moves to town at the start of the school year, they have something unexpected in common: feelings for the same guy. This warm, witty novel—with a clear, true voice and a clever soundtrack of musical references—sings a song of love and forgiveness.

 This was an amazingly cute contemporary novel :) The characters were relatable, the plot was super cute and made me reminisce about my days in high school and my friends.

The characters and how I could relate to them are really what made the book for me :) I loved Maggie and I probably related to her the most. I've always been an overweight active girl and always kind of felt a bit bad about myself. Even her relationship with her mom reminded me of me and my mother. Nash was also super adorable and a pretty cool best friend :) When they had their little fights, I really empathized with Maggie since I hated all the fights and anxiety that came when my friends and I fought. Overall, Nash and Maggie are pretty awesome and would totally be the kind of people i would hang out with in real life :)

So Maggie and Nash's cute little world that revolved around each other is turned upside down when Tom comes along. He is cute and funny and is everything they dream a boyfriend should be. However, Nash gets "dibs" on him. The book goes on and they eventually realize that you shouldn't let a boy (or girl for just life lesson's sake) get between you and your friends. My favorite lesson in the book though comes from the Billie Holiday song "Ain't No One's Business if I Do": aka, no matter what you do, people are going to complain and criticize, so you might as well do what you want :)

Overall, the book was adorable <3 The ending was super cute and my heart raced and I felt Maggie's anxiety when she was fighting with her friends. If you aren't in high school (like I am, or even if you are), you may think back on a time when you were in Maggie's shoes.

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