Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

This is a new meme I found, hosted at Wishful Endings. Here, I'm going to talk about my favorite series. If we share a common interest, or if you have a favorite series you would like to share, comment below!!!

Enjoy :) 

This series has been with me since my early childhood. It was one of the first book series I came to know, and love, and helped my love of reading flourish. I ended up putting the series down and actually forgetting about it for a while (while I was waiting for one of the books to come out coincidentally. You all know how a 13 year old's mind works). I came back to it years later and re-read all the books up until I stopped and found myself falling in love all over again. I finished the last book in 2013, shortly after BEA, where I got to meet the author as he released his new book series. There, we reminisced about his first series and he even signed my 8th book (which I was reading at the time)! To this day, he is still one of my favorite authors :)

The series made my laugh and cry, sometimes all at once. I came to really love the characters and some of the more traumatic events still stick with me. This was a series where I wanted to finish the last book so bad to see what happened, but at the same time, I didn't want to finish it because that meant it was over. No more "what happens next", no more traveling around with my favorite characters... just done.

Everything about this series, from the characters, to the plot, to the amazing and genuine author who wrote it, plays a part in making this my favorite series of all time. Beating out Harry Potter in my childhood memories as being the first series I came to love...... *drum roll*

Pendragon! I loved traveling to the different worlds, meeting other travelers and feeling like I was right there with Bobby through the whole journey! D.J. MacHale tells a great tale that will forever have a special place with me (his new series, The SYLO Chronicles, is shaping up to be a really good series as well!).

So tell me... what's your favorite series? Comment below!

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